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Can you target +1 to other country?

Yes, we can provide Google +1s to major countries. This include UK, Australia, New Zealand. We can also target to many European and Asian countries. Contact us with your specific need.

Can you provide +1 from a US State?

Yes, we are able to target Google Plus Ones to specific US region or state. If you want to limit the Plus Ones to only a specific state than do contact us with your requirement.

Are these real Google Plus Ones?

All the Google+ Ones are provided from Phone Verified Google Accounts (PVA). We don’t use any bots, software or proxies for this purpose. All Google Plus 1 are added manually to your site by real people.

Why is our service cheaper than others?

We are providing the Google Plus One service in-house with the help of our social media experts and don’t outsource it. Our experts keep on adding new people to our network based on their interest.

What is the 1 Year guarantee on Google Plus One Votes?

We provide Plus Ones with a 1 Year guarantee. We will replenish reduced Google+ 1 during this time period. So you can be assure that you get the maximum benefit from your purchase.

Will Google ban my site for paid Plus One?

We are providing 100% real Google Plus Ones without the use of any unethical practice. All Plus 1 are added gradually to your website over a span of days so that it looks completely natural and organic to Google.